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Some great science picture books to share with your children:

Lizards Weird and Wonderful by Margery Facklam

This is a book in which the text and illustrations complement one another. The pictures draw you to the text and the text takes you back to the pictures.

The Moonflower by Jean Loewer

This book is both a story and educational experience. Children will love the story of what happens in the garden at night, and young naturalists with enjoy the information provided in that side bar and the instructions in the back for growing your own moonflowers.

There’s a Hair in My Dirt! by Gary Larson

You may remember the margarine commercial that told us it’s not nice to fool mother nature. Well Gary Larson, the creator of The Far Side, shows the true nature of mother nature in this morality tale that teaches us that we’d better understand the natural world before we mess about in it.

The Life and Times of the Ant by Charles Micucci

A sure child pleaser. The illustrations will sweep your child away into the world of ants.

Wild Birds by Joanne Ryder

A fabulous book for introducing a study of birds especially for those that live in the city.

Find the Constellations by H. A. Rey

A children’s beginning book on star gazing by the illustrator of the Curious George books. This is a book that astronomers recommend because the illustrations make star gazing an infinitely easier task for the beginner. Lots of information about the constellations and the myths behind their names

We Are Dolphins by Molly Grooms

This is a beautiful book that will make any child who is not already devoted to them a dolphin lover.


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