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It’s Virtual Winning Beginnings Wednesday!

Join Us to Advocate for Child Care!!

Please join us today for 24 hours of at-home advocacy.  No need to brave the cold or even leave your computer!

Our budget request:  $100 million increase for child care subsidies.

thank you for your support on this important day!!

Call!  E-Mail!  Tweet!

Assembly Member Donna Lupardo, Chair of Children & Families

Phone - (518)455-5431

E-Mail -

Twitter - @donnalupardo

Senator Simcha Felder, Chair of Children & Families

Phone - (518) 455-2754 

E-Mail -

Twitter - @senatorfelder

Assembly Member Andrew Hevesi, Chair of Social Services

Phone - (518) 455-4926 

E-Mail -

Twitter - @AndrewHevesi

Senator Diane Savino, Chair of Social Services

Phone - (518) 455-2437

E-Mail -

Twitter - @dianesavino

Sample Script for Calls & E-mails

Hello! I am [insert name] from [insert county/city]. I am urging [insert name of Senator/Assembly Member] to add $100 million to the New York State budget to provide more child care subsidies for at-risk children and their working parents. Thank you!

Sample Tweets

#Childcare subsidies lay the foundation for learning & provide critical support to working parents #SupportEarlyLearning with $100M increase in childcare

#SupportEarlyLearning with $100M increase in #childcare because 78% of eligible children are still waiting 

We need $100M increase in #childcare subsidies to keep parents earning and children learning #SupportEarlyLearning

We need $100M increase in quality #childcare subsidies to put kids on the right track for success #SupportEarlyLearning

#SupportEarlyLearning with $100M increase for quality #childcare – a must-have for working families

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