This week could be the final week of budget negotiations in Albany.

The Legislature has convened Conference Committees and they are meeting to decide what programs & policies they will recommend to the Governor for funding.

Winning Beginnings  50   

Our updated budget priorities are on the Winning Beginning NY website at:

Call today and urge action on these issues!

Click the link below to use as your guide when speaking to the legislators listed below.


Education (Pre-K, QUALITYstarsNY, Afterschool):
Senator Flanagan (518/455-2071)
Assembly Member Nolan (518/455-4851)

Health (Nurse-Family Partnership Home Visiting):
Senator Hannon (518/455-2200)
Assembly Member Gottfried (518/455-4941)

Human Services (Child Care):
Senator Martins (518/455-3265)
Assembly Member Titus (518/455-5668)

Thank you for your advocacy!!

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