The Rochester Association for the Education of Young Children seems to be a secret in the Rochester area and we want to get that secret out.

To do this we need your help!  We want everyone to tell a buddy about why they are members of RAEYC and what they find the benefits of that membership to be.

As for me… I appreciate knowing that someone other than me considers the early years of childhood so very important.  I know what a difficult job it is to be in the field of early childhood education often with little professional recognition and even smaller pay.  When I go to RAEYC program meetings – I know we are all in the same boat.  We do what we do because we know how much we are needed and how important it is to be the very best for our field.  We come to network and learn from others.   We come to complain and commiserate.

What else do we get out of a RAEYC membership:  opportunities to attend conferences  with other professionals, free monthly program development meetings on very pertinent topics and a subscription to a professional journal that keeps us up to date and current on the issues and provides classroom ideas and guidance.  There is much much more.

Please help me to get the word out… tell a buddy to join RAEYC today.  We want to see RAEYC grow and become a powerful entity in the Rochester area.  Spread the word that quality early childhood matters;   that children matter.

Tell your buddy… tell all your buddies to go

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